Michelle Ballou | Girls Trip - Day 8, Paris

Girls Trip - Day 8, Paris

October 14, 2014  •  3 Comments

Today started much like other days of this trip.  Except now instead of bagels with our coffee we are having fresh French pastries.  We started our walk today towards the Le Marais District.  Along our way we passed another arch into the city and the Place da la Republique.  The Le Marais District is one of the oldest with the most beautiful architecture in Paris.  This area also contains the Jewish area.  As we walked the quaint streets with the shops, bakeries and restaurants Nicolie remembered she wanted to try a fallafel place she had read about.  We got in line with the rest of the crowd, mainly locals and got our fallafel.  Funny thing about the line was that there was a fallafel place right across the small street and no one was eating there.  The owner was asking people to come in but every one headed to L'as du Fallafel.  Great find Nicolie, the food was excellent.  

....... However as we stood in the street and ate our lunch a kid, supposedly selling papers approach and crowded Danielle.  She turned away from him and he was gone.  Immediately she realized he had stolen her brand new iphone out of her pocket.  We looked around for they guy but he was no where to be found. Needless to say she felt sick.  We called and suspended her phone service and reluctainly continued on with our day.  From here we went to the Paris History Musuem or Carnavelet.  During our tour I decided to check my emails and found that Denise, Danielle's sister had emailed me and that she had gotten a call from the French Police that they had arrested the guy with Danielle's phone and she included a Paris phone number.  I called the phone number and found it was the police.  This story has many interesting details and perhaps I will go back to write it all later but the short version is that after a 2 1/2 hour visit in the police station with Nicolie and Shane wondering what happened to Danielle and I she got her phone back.  But not before having to actually face the guy and make a positive identification.  I have some of the police station encounter on video and it is very interesting.  The kid was only 17 and repeatedly insisted he found the phone.  He also said he only spoke Romanian until he responded to the police in perfect French.  God is AMAZING.  Once again proof that He answers prayer.  Danielle's phone was in perfect condition with all of her pictures intact.  We believe he was arrested right after he pick pocketed the phone.

After this long ordeal we did continue on our walking tour.  All in all 8 miles today.  We walked around Ile Saint Louis, found some goodies to purchase and decided where we were going to have dinner.  Again, Nicolie comes thourgh on her skill of finding the best restaurants and we ate at Pain Vin Fromage.  Here I was introduced to Raclette.  Which is a cheese that you melt for yourself and eat it on bread and potatoes.  It was amazing.

Tomorow we are off to Bruges, Belgium.  It should be another excellent day with perhaps, and hopefully a different kind of excitment.  

Day eight - Law and Order, Paris

Place da la Republique


Street of Marais


Street of Marais


Fallafel and scene of the crime


Jewish District


Hotel de Ville


Street Art


Wall Art


Street Art


The Police Station we visited for a while


Sandra Schmidt - the only Engilsh speaking officer and the smiling Danielle



Suzanne Levasseur(non-registered)
Pierre just told me about your adventures with the French police but so glad to hear that the phone was recovered...quite a story.
Wow! God is amazing, that boy spoke in tongues!
No, seriously, I am very happy Danielle received her phone back the same day,
now that's incredible. It almost sounded like a chapter from my book.
I was envisioning a small child if 8-13 yrs old child like in the movie Oliver, not a 17 purd'near adult! Goodness
Cam Stewart(non-registered)
Wow plenty of excitement for all of you today! I bet you didn't have the police station on your sightseeing list. God is good . I think Danielle's guardian angel was puttin' in some overtime on that episode.
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