Girls Trip - Day 13, Paris

October 19, 2014  •  1 Comment

Today we started with a subway ride to the stop Saint Michel (pronouced Michelle).  This is the left bank area that we had been Friday evening.  It is full of small streets, quaint neighborhoods, little shops and lots of good food.  We had lunch at a highly recommended Lebanese restaurant.  From our lunch we wander some more to Grom Gelato.  We had had Grom in New York and wanted to try it Paris style.  The gelato in Paris was much better with a lot more flavor. Perhaps because we are closer to Italy?  After our treat we wandered through Luxembourg Gardens.  It was a beautiful day with the temperatures in the mid 70's so the park was full of Parisians enjoying the day in the sun.  It is interesting to me how the pace changes in Paris on a Sunday.  There are still a lot of people out, the garden lawn was packed but there is a calmer rythme (French for pace).

In the park there is a small lake and the kids can rent a small sail boat and a stick.  They put the sail boat in lake, the wind catches the sails and the boat moves across the lake.  They then run to the other side of the lake and use the stick to turn the boat around.  They all seemed to love this activity.  We saw several interesting characters in the gardens - the incessant waving lady, the lady with the leaf (and leaves) in her hair that was not at all bothered by them nor was her husband (we all wanted to remove them for her) she just kept reading, the children running after their boats, the boy and his dog, (the dog played soccer with him by hitting the ball up high or back to the boy).  It was a beautiful day in the gardens. 

From the gardens we continued to wander the streets of Paris that like before, around every corner you find something interesting or picturesque. At one point I lost the others and found myself in a closed Abbey, up an elevator but with a great view of the Abbey.

We finished our day with a dinner by near Notre Dame and a cruise on the Seine.  What a beautuful night for a cruise.  The bridges and buildings were all light up and the banks along the river were full of walkers, runners and people enjoying the night.  

Day 13 - Rythme

The girls eating lunch


Just another street view


Danielle shopping


Latin Quarter street view




Shane Snapchatting


Planning our next destination (Luxembourg Garden)


Katie in the park


Saint Etienne du Mont 


Luxembourg Garden lake


Luxembourg Garden



The lady and her leaf - Luxembourg Garden


Parisian Boys and an iPhone


The cutest Parisian couple spending a Sunday in the garden


Tower of Macaroons


A boy, his dog and a ball - Luxembourg Gardens 


The Abbey


Paris bridges from the Seine


Eiffel Tower 



Have enjoyed your Paris pictures and blogs. Thanks much!
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